About Us

Terry Crews—Owner of NewBath Alabama

Why We Started New Bath

About 10 years ago, my sister’s house was damaged in a storm in Pensacola, Florida.

A tree branch had destroyed the bathroom, and she needed
help with the renovation.

I agreed and asked my two nephews and son-in-law to help
(which wasn’t hard since they got to stay on the beach). We figured it would take 2-3 weekends at most.

Seventeen weeks later, we were finally done. It took six
times longer and cost far more than we expected. I knew there had to be a better way.

After searching for a year, I learned about new techniques
and materials that would make it easier, faster, and cheaper to renovate bathrooms. Not only that, these new appliances and installation methods also made the bathrooms last years longer.

After working for a larger company for over a year as a
manager, I realized they didn’t offer customers the service they deserved. They were trying to give their customers “good enough” service, not the very best.

As a result, I founded NewBath in 2007 to bring together the
absolute best materials, installation techniques, and customer service.

That’s what you get today, and we can prove it. 

Only four months after we started, NewBath became the number three dealer in the country – out of over 200 other dealers. Since then, we’ve consistently been in the top 20 dealers in the United States.

Instead of growing as large as possible, we’ve decided to stay smaller and focus on bringing you the absolute best possible service.

Why is NewBath Alabama a better choice when it comes to your bathroom?

We pay attention to every detail

Unlike larger companies, we seek out the absolute best materials and installation supplies from the
finest distributors.  We obsess over installation to make sure your new bathroom is perfect, so you don’t have to call us again in a month or even 10 years to fix something.

We have the best customer service available

Our team of trained professionals meets with you before the
installation to make sure you get the exact bathroom you want.

We perform a thorough examination of your bathroom for mold, rot, and damaged pipes, in places most companies overlook. We even look at the inside of your walls and under the floors during installation.

We’ve been in your situation before

We started this company because we weren’t happy with the service or materials offered by big retailers.  We wanted to offer better materials, with better service, at affordable prices – and that’s exactly what we do.