Silver Shield™ Technology

Many customers that we’ve spoken to, have been suffering from the unfortunate experience of black mold in their highly porous tile or fiberglass tub/shower area. We often hear, “I should have called you years ago.”


NewBath will come to your home, assess the damage, safely remove the existing tub, shower and surrounds. We will then replace your tub/showerarea with one of our non-porous acrylic systems.

NewBath Alabama is the only Bathroom Remodeling company in the state of Alabama that provides BathWraps™ Products that are constructed of 100% Virgin Acrylic—Infused with Silver Shield™ Technology. A state-of-the-art, non-porous technology that prevents bacteria from growing and reproducing—this is the same anti-microbial technology used in medical facilities!

Our Acrylic bath and shower systems come with a lifetime warranty against fading and discoloration. Our Virgin Acrylic Bathwraps™ Systems are the best in the industry. Don’t live with a bathroom that you hate and could possibly be making you and your loved ones sick.