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Absolutely Not. We clean and prep the surface properly to eliminate any mold and mildew then we use a unique adhesive bonding material. The product is warranted for a lifetime (see manufacturer’s warranty for details) and installed properly.

Currently the Tub to Shower Conversion is our most popular. This is where we actually remove a tub and put in a nice, open walk in shower with a low threshold to create a safer and healthier environment for homeowners. Most people do not take baths, so this is a great option to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing shower experience that is easy to clean. Second is a replacement tub. And now Walk In Tubs are our 3rd top seller. NewBath offers a full line of Walk In Tubs with multiple options

No, it’s really not.  NewBath Alabama’s installers are highly skilled and well trained. This means we generally get installs done in 1 – 2 days. Our professional installers know exactly what they are doing.  The materials we use and our installation process is very systematized to ensure quality. Conventional remodeling can take weeks and it typically costs substantially more too. Do it yourselfers often are just not able to complete this complex project, and end up calling a professional. Then the cost is far more than it could have been. 40% of all bath remodeling dollars are spent to correct what was not done right the first time (Harvard University study).

Acrylic is the same material used to make football helmets, bulletproof glass, and dentures. It’s extremely durable, will last a lifetime, and is warrantied. Fiberglass is actually a very porous material with a painted resin coating and then an even thinner clear coating over the resin.  Bottom-line, many new remodeling materials just don’t last like they used to; go with NewBath acrylic polymer for a solution that will last.

Yes, we offer payment options and same as cash options. These are explained at the time of your no obligation consultation. We help you design your own bath, and leave a detailed design configuration and exact price with you, including low monthly payment options.  Ask your NewBath Alabama consultant for more details on how we can help.

Sign up for our Email List to take advantage of EXCLUSIVE Offers and Discounts! We pass on dealer savings to our customers. Also, we never quote estimates on the phone, because every quote is custom tailored to your bath design needs. We do free, in-home consultations instead and ensure our designs and price quotes are accurate!

We service Birmingham, Anniston, Gadsden, Sylacauga, Talladega, Tuscaloosa. In Huntsville, we also service Decatur, Arab, Guntersville, Cullman, and in between! In Greater Montgomery we service Montgomery, Troy, Greenville, Selma, Auburn, Opelika, Clanton, and Alexander City. See our Service Areas Map for a list of full counties we service or call if you do not see your city or county listed – we add new service areas frequently!

That’s a great question. Ordering your new bath or shower is a lot like custom ordering a new car. You sit down with an expert, go through all your custom options and colors, and then we order exactly what you want. The full process is fun, and typically takes about 3-6 weeks. And the best part… installation is only 1-2 days!

Our installers are highly skilled and trained using our very systematized process. If someone without experience were to try this process, he or she would be lucky to get the installation completed within a couple of weeks. Our team is exceptional, and we also use specialized materials and adhesives to ensure the job is done right and lasts a lifetime.

NewBath Alabama’s own employees do the work.  We don’t hire sub-contractors because we can’t.  These guys have to be so skilled and well trained to do quality installs in just 1-2 days.

NewBath offers three options when it comes to windows in the shower area: (1) Close the window up on the inside where it looks like a dark room from the outside. (2) Trim it out with a very nice acrylic window trim back to the window and also around it where it can still be opened, or (3) install a nice acrylic solid window where the old metal or wood window used to be.

First, we offer a comprehensive line of Walk In Tubs with multiple sizes and options, not just a one size fits all as most offer. Swing in doors, swing out doors, wider doors, accessibility options, built in safety bars on both sides in most tubs, faster draining tubs (about 2:45 seconds when installed in most homes) (no need for a special pump), safe drain technology so you can’t get caught in your tub with a broken mechanical drain, a 4” threshold on most units, which means easy access for most anyone. And the best warranty in the industry! (Ask your consultant for details)

Yes, we offer a LIMITED lifetime warranty and why is pretty simple. This is the manufacturers’ written warranty! We also offer a lifetime against drips on our great line of faucets. And check out our TWO YEAR workmanship written labor warranty; it’s right on the back of your order.

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