Homeowners: What are the differences in benefits between a walk-in shower and walk-in tub? 

Regardless of the design you choose for your walk-in tub or shower, it is a good idea to consider options complementing your lifestyle, needs, and mobility. Taking time to consider the specific designs that will serve you best will help you make a more informed decision on a Newbath walk-in shower or tub.

Have you decided you are ready to move beyond a simple tub or shower replacement? If you are comparing walk-in tubs to walk-in showers, this article is for you!

Terry Crews from NewBath Alabama explains!

We recently sat down with our owner, Terry Crews, to get his insider advice to help you determine whether a walk-in shower or walk-in tub will work best for you. 

Heather: What are the differences in benefits between a walk-in shower and a walk-in tub with Newbath Alabama? 

Terry Crews: Well, Heather, one of the things happening these days is that everybody is trying to do things faster. So this is why there is a trend toward installing more showers. For us at NewBath Alabama, 80% of our business is now showers, while 20% of our business is tubs. A lot of our business is centered around replacement tubs, but walk-in tubs are growing in desirability because there is a percentage of the population who want to take a bath. Whether it be every day or once a week or three times a week, or maybe it’s just once or twice a month. Clients usually tell me, “I want a nice relaxing, soaking bath because I don’t get the full relaxation of immersion in nice warm water in the shower.” 

Why a walk-in tub versus a shower?

Going back to your question – clients often ask me, “Why a walk-in tub versus a shower?” Specifically, it is the depth of relaxation you can get by being submerged in water versus just having water sprayed by the shower. Yes, the shower feels wonderful, but for those of us who have had baths all our lives, there is just nothing like the relaxation level you get with being submerged in water, as you can do with a walk-in tub. And then, of course, you can slip down in there a little bit if you want to get the water completely up to your neck. There is a tremendous difference there. Also when it comes to health benefits, walk-in tubs help with the purging toxins from our body to keep us healthier. You can’t achieve that in the shower.

How can walk-in tubs from Newbath Alabama help?

Heather: That sounds amazing! It seems we are becoming increasingly stressed these days, so relaxation is often a huge driver in choosing a bathroom design. In regards to walk-in tubs, how can walk-in tubs from Newbath Alabama help you relax?

Terry Crews: You know, there’s nothing like being immersed in water. When you are in nice, warm water, the world just kinda goes away because you are able to completely relax. So number one, you relax. Number two, your muscles and joints loosen up and you become more comfortable. Pain goes away, or diminishes dramatically. Taking a relaxing bath can help you sleep better too, and it purges toxins from the body in a way just taking a quick shower cannot do, so your blood flow improves. Also, when toxins are purged from your body, it can help your body tissues heal themselves and help you feel better.

Considering a walk-in tub or shower?

Heather: This makes total sense. Is there anything else you recommend homeowners think about when considering a walk-in tub or shower?

Terry Crews: Yes – I recommend thinking about the comfort level you want. Ask yourself questions like are the faucets located in a place that I can easily and comfortably get to them? Is the handheld shower easy to pull up and out and for me to use (wash my hair, rinse off my upper body), or is it in a location that is hard for me to get to it? All of these things are considerations when buying a walk-in tub or shower.

Heather: This is great information again on a Newbath walk-in shower or tub. Thank you so much, Terry!

Terry Crews: Any time.

Choosing between a walk-in tub or shower is a major decision, but when you get clear about your needs and wants, it will make it easier for you to make a decision that works. Follow us on Facebook!

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