9 Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom on a Budget

Decorating your bathroom can enhance the look and feel of one of the most important rooms in your house. There are many design options! Even if you don’t have thousands of dollars available for decorating, you can still create a visually satisfying bathroom. 

Here are nine ways to Decorate Your Bathroom on a Budget and spruce up a bathroom:

  1. Inexpensive mirrors add both light and space to any bathroom. They reflect colors, faces, and other decorations and add character. Try grouping mirrors together rather than scattering them on separate walls for maximum effectiveness.
  1. Pictures or prints can also help bring your bathroom to life. We suggest choosing a theme, such as all black & white photos, a common shape, or older shots from a particular time period. 
  1. Needlework makes a striking wall accent. For example, sampler patterns from Colonial America are easily available.
  1. In a dull or drab bathroom, a rag rug or oriental carpet will add charm and beauty. To help prevent slips when stepping out of the tub or shower, use a non-skid pad underneath.
  1. Collections can spark interest and admiration. Pottery, for example, is an unusual accent piece for any bathroom. Or, you might consider old bottles, perfume atomizers, shaving mugs or other flea market collectibles. Using a shelf with a lip or a generous window sill are good places to house your collection.
  1. Color is the quickest, cheapest, and easiest way to alter the look of any bathroom. Colors like melon, chocolate brown or peach, will add drama. You can also, accent with brightly colored towels.
  1. Architectural details can change the look and feel of your bathroom. A piece of beaded or crown molding halfway up the wall or near the ceiling can transform a room, especially if it’s offset by a contrasting color. A more elaborate addition would be grooved paneling over half the wall. 
  1. Plants exude a soothing energy that creates a Zen-like atmosphere that is very conducive to relaxation and letting go of stress. Adding plants or freshly cut flowers can immediately amplify your bathroom design.
  1. If space permits, add furniture to your bathroom. A good place to check for items is Goodwill or Salvation Army stores. They will have several options, and even if you purchase a battered piece of furniture, it can be revived with sanding, paint, and handles or knobs.

Bathroom vanity cabinets can also bring your bathroom to life!

Bathroom vanity cabinets can also bring your bathroom to life when you are trying to Decorate Your Bathroom on a Budget. Although they may be in your budget, it’s worth checking them out. They usually range from simple two door storage units with a wood veneer or a single color paint to exquisitely detailed richly carved hardwood cabinets, with hand-applied finishes and marble inlay tops. 

Bathroom vanity cabinets

Bathroom vanity cabinets often come with a sink and/or fixtures depending on where and how you buy. If you purchase a single unit with sink, top, and fixtures you avoid the challenge of assembling a coherent aesthetic from individual pieces and, chances are, you will get a deal. The vanity cabinet is the place to start in adding sophisticated elegance to the bathroom, as it can and tie together the occasional disparate element between the mirror and sink. 

Bathroom vanity cabinet options

Bathroom vanity cabinets are often the central focus of the bathroom vanity, and the creative options are endless, from the unique graining of wood to the exciting shine of brushed metal. Tradition has always been a partner to innovation, and so there are many creative choices in the bathroom world. Adapting antique dressers for use as bathroom vanity furniture can lead to stunning results. Some exclusive companies and designers will make this conversion for you. A less expensive and more popular route is to purchase a reproduction that comes with a basin that matches the period of the dresser.

Contemporary choices available

There are also a host of contemporary choices available, often making use of different synthetic materials, metals, and woods. An example is the use of a small-brushed chrome cabinet, usually seen in an office environment, beneath a minimally decorated countertop and basin. This kind of unusual and tasteful choice can revitalize any room, with a clean, modern effect. 

While all of these decorating ideas won’t work in every bathroom, we hope you can use some of them to help you upgrade your bathroom on a budget!

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