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NewBath Alabama Walk-In-Tub Conversions

Homeowners: What are the differences in benefits between a walk-in shower and walk-in tub?  Regardless of the design you choose for your NewBath Alabama Walk-In-Tub Conversions or shower, it is a good idea to consider options complementing your lifestyle, needs, and mobility. Taking time to consider the specific designs that will serve you best will help you make a more informed decision. Have you decided you are ready to move beyond a simple tub or shower replacement? If you are comparing walk-in tubs to walk-in showers, this article is for you! We recently sat down with our owner, Terry Crews, to get his insider advice

Walk-In-Shower Conversions

NewBath Alabama Tub to Walk-In-Shower Transform Your Tub to a Safer Walk-In-Shower in 1-2 Days At NewBath Alabama, we offer beautiful, affordable tub to walk-in shower transformations to Alabama homeowners. Not only is a new shower enclosure more attractive and practical than a traditional tub, but it is also safer and easier to access. Plus, our experts can have your new shower installed in as little as 1 to 2 days. With NewBath Alabama, you’ll enjoy the impressive features of our showers, such as: Sleek acrylic walls — Whether you want the simulated look of marble, tile, granite, or one of our other great options,

Tub and Shower Combinations

NewBath Alabama Tub and Shower Combinations As baby boomers enter their golden years, more and more are opting to age in place. Of course, the needs of older homeowners change over time, and their homes should change with them to better ensure independence in the years to come. While some Huntsville, Montgomery, Birmingham, Alabama homeowners may worry that modifying their residences to better suit their requirements will make them drabber, drearier, and less stylish, the truth is there’s absolutely no reason why style and safety can’t go hand in hand. In fact, many renovations that benefit aging homeowners are also appreciated by their younger

Bathroom Increases Home Value

Bathroom Increases Home Value Updating a bathroom is a remodeling project that many homeowners undertake for the sole purpose of enjoying their space more. However, sometimes when a person is looking to sell their home, they will also undergo a bathroom remodeling project with the hope that it will increase their home’s value. But does remodeling a bathroom really increase home value? The quick answer is yes—remodeling a bathroom will usually increase a home’s overall value—but there are lots of other aspects to consider. Let’s take a deeper look into the reasons why a bathroom remodeling project is a wise project to undertake when

Reduce Your Water Bill Now

5 Quick Ways to Reduce Your Water Bill Now Are you looking for ways to reduce your utility bills? Owning a home can be expensive especially when you need to make repairs or want to remodel. These extra costs on top of your mortgage, taxes, energy bills, and water can rack up unexpected expenses! While some of your home costs are fixed, the good news is, you can control your water usage. Although your water bill is most likely not your most expensive utility bill, it’s the easiest one to make changes that can add up to a significant amount of savings each year.

Designing a Green Bathroom

The Six Tips You Need to Know When Designing a Green Bathroom Believe it or not, designing a green bathroom doesn't require an expensive redesign or a drastic change in habits. This is because bathrooms are hotspots for over-consumption, like excessive water and paper use. The good news is with just a few minor changes, there are lots of things you can do to make your bathroom more eco-friendly. Here are a few ways you can make your bathroom more environmentally friendly-without straining your budget... from your friends at NewBath Alabama! Buy organic bathroom linens It takes approximately one pound of fertilizers and pesticides

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